Glengoyne – Cask Strength (Batch 5)

Glengoyne – Cask Strength (Batch 5)

I’ve had this bottle on my shelf for months and have steadily working my way through it, so I thought it was high time to add a review, particularly with it being on the 101 whiskies list.

This is bottled at a hefty 59.1% ABV!

Nose: Chardonnay when smelt from afar, loads of cereal. dried fruit – a tell-tale sign of the sherry influence. Can tell it’s high ABV. Watch those nose hairs! Honey sweet. Christmas spices. 7/10

Palate: Lots of peppery oak. Sweet brown sugar. Sherry soaked fruit. Quite oily. Toasted grains. Faint cask char hints? Powerful. Not one to rush! 7/10

Finish: Very long with oaky spice. 7/10

Value for money: Pretty much out of stock now, but I got it for under £50. Batch 6 is available for under £50. Very good value for such a strong bottle! 8/10

Looks: Nice packaging and lovely colour. 9/10

Total: 72/100

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