Lagavulin – 16 Years Old

Lagavulin – 16 Years Old

This was always a bit of a go-to dram in bars before I really started getting in to whisky. I’ve never formally sat with it and explored the flavours, so thought I’d get hold of some and give it a going over. It’s the archetypal smoky scotch that you’ve got to try and either love or hate.

I don’t know if I got a bad sample, but I really didn’t get on with it. It’s meant to be a big, smoky, medicinal smack in the face with a mackerel, but it didn’t deliver for me at all. Which is a shame really. I have to say, the recent 8 year old expression is a lot more to my tastes.

Anyway, on with the summary. Bottled at 43% ABV.



Nose: Damp bonfire, TCP, kippers for breakfast, a hint of mint. 6/10

Palate: Lots of smoke and medicinal notes, aniseed, quite dry, pear drops, toasted malts. 6/10

Finish: Long and smoky. Not much more. 5/10

Value for money: Currently around £55. Not bad for the age, but it’s still a hefty tag. 7/10

Looks: You can’t mistake it for something else! 8/10

Total: 59.5/100

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