Talisker – Port Ruighe

Talisker – Port Ruighe

A relatively new release from Talisker which has no age statement. It’s been finished in Port casks in an attempt to bring something unusual to the table. Read on to see my thoughts!

Bottled at 45.8% ABV

Nose: Peat, walnuts, I want to say port, but I can’t place it at all.A little oak. You really have to work hard to get anything actually. A little smoked mackerel late on. 3/10

Palate: Heavy oak, peppery spice, harsh and very dry. 2/10

Finish: Dry and unpleasant. 1/10

Value for money: Given I didn’t like it, and it’s about £60 a bottle, I’d have to place this firmly in the don’t buy category! 0/10

Looks: About the only good point. Great legs and colour (although is it assisted here?). Bottle design is decent. 5/10

Total score: 20/100

I feel the need to reiterate here that this is just my opinion of this whisky. Others may (and probably do) love it. Not me though. It’s terrible!

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