Kilchoman – Sanaig

Kilchoman – Sanaig

Kilchoman is the newest distillery on Islay. They also only produce relatively small batches of their products. These two things combined make their spirit quite desirable, and therefore quite expensive to buy.

Vatted in bourbon and sherry casks, bottled at 46%ABV.


Nose: Peat smoke, followed by damp charcoal, treacle toffee, baked apples with cinnamon, traces of cordite. It’s November 5th in a bottle! Old leather bound books, rain on a hot day. So much going on. 10/10

Palate: Loads of smoke, and spice. Sweet toffee, annisseed, chilli, peppermint. Quite smooth despite all of that. I could just carry on drinking it. A waxy bitterness develops as you drink that is not unpleasant. 9/10

Finish: Smoky, comforting and warming. Toffee apples linger. 10/10

Value for money: As I stated before this isn’t cheap. Around £52. That’s more than I would spend on a bottle of whisky, and particularly one that is NAS. On the other hand it is rather good indeed! 7/10

Looks: Follows the branding of the distillery nicely. Looks good in purple. Lovely colour to the liquid too. 8/10

Total score: 93/100

If you haven’t tried this before, then please do. Even if you’re not usually into Islay whiskies. I don’t think it’s that peaty, and it’s certainly not medicinal like some Islay malts can be. And beneath the smoke are some very special delights to behold.

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