Sarah of I Love Whisky

Sarah of I Love Whisky

Well spin my nipple nuts and tune me to Classic FM. You wait a year for a Dram Dialogues post and then two pop up at once! This week we hear from the wonderful Sarah who not only curates her I Love Whisky blog, but also makes absolutely delightful whisky fudge. By the way, if you want to try some, now is the time as she’s going to be making a batch at the weekend. Full details available here.

When did you first get into whisky?

Probably my early twenties, in as much as I drank Jack Daniel’s Whiskey… And then my first distillery visit was in the nineties too, therefore I guess I’ll say 23 years old.

What was the first dram you remember enjoying?

Believe it or not, it was in a bar in Edinburgh a few years back. We had asked for a Glenfarclas 105 (if my memory serves me well) and were served something else probably another Glenfarclas, when we went back for the second one a good while later it wasn’t the same. 
But that was the one that just grabbed my attention. Now that’s not to say I hadn’t enjoyed whiskies before then. It was just this one had a certain something, a nose that just begged for you to inhale it’s delicious offerings and a palate that was toffee, and hints of coffee bitterness… a delight! If only I knew which one it was.

What’s your opinion on the best glass for tasting, and why?

I don’t think you can go wrong with a trusty Glencairn, on the other hand when I fancy a treat and I am having one of my ‘special’ drams then I do love to sit with my sterling silver single shot whiskey tumbler…hand crafted in Sheffield by David Allison  
I can sit with it resting in the palm of my hand (if I want) and it’s a lovely, lovely cup.

What has been your biggest whisky related surprise?

The camaraderie or #whiskyfabric… I have been to so many festivals now (okay it is a lot for me) and what struck me is how nice people can be. I attended my first festival alone and that was daunting. But by the second session I had total strangers coming up to speak to me. And that is nice, whether they are seeing to your tickets or some of the wonderful ambassadors pouring you a dram, there is a good community out there. 

If you had a tap in your house with a bottomless supply of one dram, which would it be?

Hmm I’m not too sure… I am discovering delicious drams so often. 

If you weren’t drinking whisky, what would be in your glass?

Air 🙂

A very, very good friend has got hold of a bottle of Springbank 50 year old 1919. He offers to open the bottle for you to try. Do you accept the offer, or urge him not to devalue his investment?

I wouldn’t neccessarily urge him not to open his investment as it was their wish to open it for me, however I would probably say “it’s okay, not just now, but thanks for the offer”.

What are you most looking forward to, whisky-wise, over the next few months?

I think it’s being able to attend whisky events again. Also, blogging. I am really enjoying that aspect too. And of course there is the whisky fudge part of my life to continue with.

If you could drink whisky with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what would you drink?

You know what, I think it would be some of the people that are here now, we have had a few ‘jokey’ we should all meet up and share a dram moments on social media platforms, and I think that meeting up a group of likeminded friends would be ideal. We could all bring a bottle to share. I would probably bring a Glenfarclas 15 year old. 

Tell us a little about why you started making whisky fudge, and what the best bits of doing it are.

I started making it purely as I had wondered if I could make it, and I could. I handed some to a friend up here  (my guinea pig) and he liked it. Then I brought some to TWL York festival last year and people I had promised some to liked it too. I guess what made me decide to sell it was that I sold some in the office for Ben ‘a dram a day’ Bowers fundraising for charity in the end of 2016 and that gave me the confidence that people would pay me for it…and the rest is history as they say.  
The best bits? Making people smile. 
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