Dewars Aberfeldy Tweet Tasting

Dewars Aberfeldy Tweet Tasting

Last night saw my return to Tweet Tastings with The Whisky Wire. It’s been a little while due to other commitments, but it was good to be back. On the menu was a selection of malts from an unsung hero of a Highland Distillery – Aberfeldy. We had three drams to taste and review, so here is a summary of my thoughts.

12 Years Old

Aberfeldy 12 Year Old

Nose: Stewed plums, sweetness, the plums give way to pineapple, There’s a malty/gristy aroma there, a touch of leather. After a while I get a much more floral note, but rich sweetly scented cut flowers rather than delicate wild flowers. Carnations, roses etc. 9/10

Palate: Plenty of malt, orange zest. A little vanilla. Plenty of drying woody notes. The stewed plums are back, coated in double cream though, and topped with bitter treacle toffee shards. It holds up well for 40%ABV, but I do feel a little more ABV would help carry this.  7/10

Finish: Little prickles of spice, fruity notes and dry, dry, dry. It goes on a while too! 8/10

Value for money: Decent price for a 12 year single malt. 8/10

Looks: Fantastic packaging and a decent colour. 9/10

Total Score: 80.5/100

2001 Cask #21444

This is a Distillery Exclusive single cask release at 55.5% ABV

Nose: Wow. Very unusual. I’m getting stewed plums again, but with aniseed, a little mango, plenty of vanilla, loads of coconut in a big rush. Reminds a little me of ill-advised student nights out on Malibu & coke. The good bits of that I mean! This is truly stunning. It keeps evolving. Now getting foam bananas, spicy pepper, dusty potpourri. Later still starting to get milk chocolate coated brazil nuts and maple syrup! 10/10

Palate: Nice and creamy and then the alcohol kicks. Lots of chilli spice, pineapples, baklava, malt, all wrapped up with lashings of vanilla cream, maple syrup and maybe just a hint of bacon?! 9/10

Finish: Long and spicy with creamy, oily coconut and honey. 8/10

Value for money: A distillery exclusive at £100 a bottle. Huge amounts of depth of flavour, but that’s a pretty large price tag. It’s certainly not a daily drinker! 7/10

Looks: Decent colour that’s not been tampered with. Good looking, but generic packaging. 8/10

Total Score: 88/100

1999 Cask #5

Another distillery exclusive, but an even more special one. This has been languishing for a good many years in sherry butts and the colour shouts that loud and clear. Bottled at 56.5% ABV.

Nose: Really unusual again, in a good way. Well honeyed baklava, vanilla, old leather, sherried fruit, more maple syrup, hints of ground ginger and cinnamon, a smattering of pepper. It’s funny, the alcohol on this seems to get stronger as it rests rather than diminish. But now I’m also getting 3 in 1 oil, and the smell of overheated steel from grinding. Quite industrial. Adding water sweetens up the nose and brings out a really deep fruitiness. 10/10

Palate: Really big hit of alcohol. Less creamy than the 2001. But plenty of oily chewiness. Sweet sherried fruits in barrows full. But it’s also quite dry from plenty of oak. The addition of water has a similar effect to the nose. 9/10

Finish: Drying, long and there’s the sweetness that was masked on the palate. Syrupy fruits galore. Adding water makes this one a real grower on the finish. Chilli spice rises like a well done curry. No harshness now, just building warmth and a good release of endorphins! 9/10

Value for money: £150 a bottle as you’d expect from something this exclusive, but that’s a lot of money. 6/10

Looks: This screams ‘drink me’. Such a deep burnished colour. 9/10

Total Score: 90/100


A truly inspiring evening discovering a new distillery to me, and uncovering some real gems.

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