UK vs USA Tweet Tasting (Glen Grant, Wild Turkey)

UK vs USA Tweet Tasting (Glen Grant, Wild Turkey)

I’m very late to the party on this one! 22nd March saw Steve Rush of the Whisky Wire host a taste off with Glen Grant and Wild Turkey spirits in the ring. Due to a mix up on dates I was unable to make the night itself, but Steve very kindly sent me through the samples anyway, so here are my thoughts.

Round 1 (ding ding)

Glen Grant – 10 Years Old

This is available for less than £30. Bottled at 40%.

Nose: Bananas, marzipan, malt, fresh orchard fruits, vanilla fudge

Palate: A little fizzy and zingy, quite sweet and mellow, toasted nuts.

Finish: Short and sweet.

Wild Turkey – 101

This is a very similar price point to the Glen Grant preceding it, but it packs a punch at 50.5%.

Nose: Strong ethanol immediately, foam bananas, lots of oak and that tell-tale bourbon oakiness. Vanilla, pine sap, green apples.

Palate: Very sweet, but then suddenly drying. Very oaky. Malt loaf. Toasted walnuts. Belies its strength, so go easy!

Finish: A pleasant prickle of spice as it melts away to a medium finish.

See the scores below, but round one was firmly in favour of our trans-atlantic cousins.


Round 2 (ding ding)

Glen Grant – 12 Years Old

This comes in at a little over £40, and the ABV is slightly higher than the younger brother from earlier – 43%.

Nose: Apples, kiwi, freshly tanned leather, buttery toffee

Palate: Sweet fudge with quite a bit of pepper. A little sea salt. Apples. Hints of cinnamon.

Finish: Medium sweet with prickly pepper.

Wild Turkey – Rye

Cheaper than the 101, and also much weaker at only 40.5%.

Nose: Foam bananas, vanilla, oak, caraway seeds, spring blossom on a hot day

Palate: Almonds, oak, some sweetness. Quite watery and lacking definition. Would benefit from more ABV.

Finish: Short with a slight prickle of spice

See the scores below for a full summary, but here Scotland wins by a knockout. Which leaves the scores nicely balanced! My favourite was definitely the Glen Grant 12 though, by a whisker.


The scores

Glen Grant 10: 

  • Nose: 6
  • Palate: 6
  • Finish: 5
  • Value for money: 8
  • Looks: 6

A grand total of 59.5/100

Wild Turkey 101: 

  • Nose: 8
  • Palate: 7
  • Finish: 7
  • Value for money: 8
  • Looks: 6

A grand total of 73.5/100

Glen Grant 12: 

  • Nose: 7
  • Palate: 8
  • Finish: 8
  • Value for money: 8
  • Looks: 6

A grand total of 76/100

Wild Turkey Rye: 

  • Nose: 6
  • Palate: 4
  • Finish: 4
  • Value for money: 4
  • Looks: 5

A grand total of 46.5/100

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