Balblair 99

Balblair 99

Big thanks to Vin from No Nonsense Whisky for firing over this sample for me, helping me tick off another 101 whiskies.

Bottled at 46%.

Nose: Quite oaky and peppery, and then vanilla pushes through. Overall it’s quite leathery with some cinnamon and a sudden hit of granny smith apples.

Palate: Spicy as the nose suggests and the granny smith is there in abundance. Cinnamon and salted caramel make their way through in time.

Finish: Warm, spicy and lingering.

I can totally see the quality of this whisky. It’s got a lot of interest in it. It’s not to my taste, but that’s just me. If you like this sort of whisky it’s very good value indeed.

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