Wemyss Malts – Sea Haar Bound

Wemyss Malts – Sea Haar Bound

The lovely folk at Wemyss Malts sent me a care package just before Christmas as a prize for a competition they were running. I’m opening this one first. It sounds delicious. Mind you all the others do too. I fancied something maritime though.

Behind the rather enticing name given by Wemyss lies a 17 year old Bunnahabhain single cask that was distilled in 1997 and bottled at 46% ABV back in 2014. It was matured in a hogshead. Haar means fog, and this conjures up images of rolling swirls of fog over a dark green ocean with the foghorns blaring. Here’s hoping it lives up to the name.

It’s incredibly pale in colour, like an unoaked chardonnay maybe.

Nose: Loads of salty, briny smoke. As you’d expect! As it opens up there’s coffee, a little mango. Freshly toasted pine nuts.

Palate: Oily and chewy, salted dulce de leche, there’s smoke of course, but it’s quite smooth. A little tobacco.

Finish: Sweet smoke fades away with the faintest prickle of spice right at the end.

This is an incredibly tasty number actually. It’s not as harsh as I was expecting from the nose or the name for that matter, but that’s no bad thing. It’s very drinkable indeed. In fact I had reserved half the sample for another day but I’m drinking up now.

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