Dalmore – 12 Years Old

Dalmore – 12 Years Old

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got round to knocking another dram off the 101 whiskies list. Thanks to Vin at No Nonsense Whisky for sending over the sample for me. Very kind!

Dalmore is aged for 9 years in bourbon casks, and then half of it is finished in oloroso sherry wood. Bottled at 40% ABV with colour added.

Nose: Immediately get the sweet dried fruit sherry notes as I pour. A little windscreen wash. Then almonds toasted in brown sugar, chocolate, freshly ground coffee.

Palate: Malt and a slight prickle of oak. Golden syrup sweetness. There’s a subtle bitterness of orange zest. Walnuts with their trademark earthy flavour.

Finish: Reasonably dry with zesty notes and some nuttiness.

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