Connemara – 12 Years Old

Connemara – 12 Years Old

Dram 4 on my The Dram Team #WorldwideWhiskies Odyssey takes me to the Emerald Isle, and more specifically, the Cooley distillery with the 12 year old Connemara. This is unusual for an Irish whiskey, being peated.

I’ve tried the NAS Connemara in the past and didn’t get on with it, but this dram has won a number of prestigious awards so it could well be a lot better.

Bottled at 40% ABV it has a very light colour.

Nose: The peat is there, but it’s subtle. Not so much smoke, as damp, boggy aromas. Cornish yarg, wrapped in nettles. Lemon zest.

Palate: Fizzes on the palate. Earthy peat notes, along with sweet honey and saltiness. Lemon zest comes through suddenly.

Finish: The fizz continues and you’re left with a clean feeling mouth and candy floss.

So much better than the NAS expression. The peat really adds something here rather than muddying the waters of a mediocre dram. The fizziness on the palate is unusual and not unpleasant. I won’t rush out to buy this, it’s not my style, but I would recommend it. The only disappointment is the relatively low ABV.

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